Social Media Affiliate

Becoming our Social Media Affiliate allows you to promote our individual designs and /or our website whenever you decided it would fit in with your current topic(s).

We intend to make this journey as transparent as possible to build a longstanding relationship. Some of the questions we thought you might have are covered below, but please contact us if you have any other queries.

How much can I earn?

Your revenue share will be 15% commission of the actual price to the purchaser of each item(s) sold due to your influence.

For example:

Our Graviola teak root ( ) is one of our best sellers. When this striking design is sold at £2,510.00. You would earn 15% of this =£376.50 for each sale attributed to you. Your earnings are unlimited.


We run sales promotions at regular intervals to encourage customers. You will always receive 15% of the price the customer pays. We also provide you with a unique discount code reference to share with your followers, family or friends. If they buy directly from our website, they can use this to receive an additional 10% off our current retail/sale prices.

Does the discount, and my commission at 15%, cover everything on your website?

It covers ALL our furniture ranges on the Charlesworthy website with the CW/CWF/ CWC code in their description.

What doesn’t it cover?

Our website shop also offers a small range of rugs, decorative items and accessories. These are sourced from British Brands and can be easily identified as they will not have the CW/CWF/ CWC code and tend to be lower value items.

Although your unique discount code (or the link you provide), cannot be used to give 10% discount on these items, we still pay you 5% commission on these linked, or stand- alone, sales. The reason for this is that we can give you much better commission on our own designs.

Please note; neither the discount, nor commission can be applied to any of our products purchased from other retail websites.

How will I know how many people have looked at, or bought items, recommended by me?

It is easy to see which sales have come from your post. We will send you a monthly report of the code users (i.e. sales completed with your code) THIS IS THROUGH WOO-COMMERCE and CANNOT be edited by us. It shows you the number of sales against your code, when the code was published and, your code expiry date.

We also provide you with a unique ‘link’ to place in your post. This will take your follower directly to our site. That means that, even if they don’t use your unique code when they purchase, the sale(s) from our website will still be credited to you. We also produce a personal report, via our Google Analytics software, so that you can also see the journey taken by a user from your unique link.

What if my followers, or contacts, buy more than one item?

Each time they order from our website, using the discount code (they are always asked if they have one), you will be earning.  If they order more than one item, then you earn commission for each item.

When do I receive my Commission?

We will pay you after 14 days of the customer accepting the delivery of goods. (We use a tracking system with our couriers so this is also monitored). The reason there is a short wait from point of sale is that, on a rare occasion, the customer will change their mind and they have 14 days, under consumer law in the UK, to return the item.

How much extra work will this mean for me?

We provide you with professional images, plus creative descriptions from our in-house creative writer for you to use or, to adapt to your own style of writing. You can mention our designs as often, or as little, as you like.

I am keen to become a Social Media Affiliate, how do I sign up for this?

All you need to do is e-mail or

If I join you, can I stop whenever I want to?

Of course you can. While we’d love to create a long-term relationship, we understand you may want to stop promoting our designs if your business direction changes. If you do, you will still be paid for any sales from your unique promotion code or the tracked follower access via your URL link.

Anything else I need to know?

Just ask us! You can contact one of our team on:

Phone +44207 112 8296

Mobile +447792159381


WhatsApp +447792159381